Welcome to our SmugMug Site. Our names are Drew Gresik and Josh Boyajian. We are fire photographers in the Chicagoland Area. We cover mostly all of the City of Chicago and the Western Suburbs. Our site consists of multiple galleries including all of our photos from different fire scenes across the Chicagoland area. On all of our pictures, we have a watermark. The watermark is just for online purposes and will not appear on a picture that you buy or obtain from us. We have been taking pictures at all types of fires for the past couple years. Josh is a Firefighter/EMT in a suburban Department and Drew is a Full Time Student that shares a passion with the fire service. We look forward to the start of a successful website. All of the pictures on this site were taken by either Josh Boyajian or Drew Gresik, no one shall copy these pictures without our written permission.
    We look forward to sharing all of our work with you!


    - April 20th, 2014 -

    *NEW Elmwood Park Engine 947 Added*

    *Posen Squad 2805 and Truck 2804 Added*